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Leading the way investing in culture-driven assets, and we’re just getting started. 

The Fly Fred Story

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Image by Paul Volkmer

The Beginning

Fly Fred President & CEO, Matt Mudano's 2019 investments into sneakers, trading cards, comics and art laid the foundation for what Fly Fred is today. Understanding the new dynamic and burgeoning market of culture-driven collectibles and how value is assigned to those assets became the primary focus. In 2020, Fly Fred began its transition from a private collection worth millions into an investment vehicle of the future and leader in proprietary research in this new and exciting asset class.

2020: A Milestone Year

Last year, Fly Fred cemented its place as a game-changing and forward thinking brand in the culture driven assets space. It started by launching the first-of-its-kind online private community to communicate and collaborate on investing in sneakers, sports cards and other limited commodities of the culture. In October, we launched the first two brick and mortar stores in Florida malls that displays, and sells these assets in a memorable in-store experience.


Today & Beyond

We expect 2021 to be a record-breaking year for both Fly Fred and the industry as a whole. With access to unparalleled amounts of data and capital from our investors and partners, we look forward to making strong headway into the asset class with our suite of online web applications and our community of traders and personnel. This allows us to gain the highest possible edge and yield the greatest return on behalf of our investors.

The Fly Fred Model

Data & Deal Flow

Fly Fred leverages its private network of traders and entrepreneurs and empowers them with data and incentives to produce more and more attractive acquisition opportunities.


Leveraging deep capital pools and access to an unprecedented amount of inventory, Fly Fred can ensure consistent deal flow, turnover and attractive margins across all investments.

Fly Fred Ecosystem

Using Fly Freds ecosystem of products and brick and mortar locations, various liquidation strategies and value recognition can occur independent of other main market applications and sites.

Value Recognition

Using traditional methods and models in a non-traditional asset class allows our disciplined investors and traders to find the best way of reaching each investment's value potential.

Fly Fred Vision

We deeply believe that the way both younger generations and seasoned investors value traditional and non-traditional investments is changing. New asset classes are emerging with more relevant cultural significance than traditional asset classes.


Fly Fred Mission

To be the premier authority on data and research for investment into the culture driven asset industry 

To create the best quality and most vibrant online ecosystem for consumer and investor experience for culture-driven collectible investments.


Leadership with a Purpose

We've brought together the most diverse and impressive management team in the industry, from experts from the boardroom, financial, economic, legal, technology, and of course, collectibles industries. 

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