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Fly Fred's Closet provides an immersive experience whether trying to stay up to date on the latest releases or looking for the hardest to find, retro pairs. Come to Fly Fred's Closet online, or stop by one of our retail locations that set the gold standard for other shops nationwide. Our unique in-store experience gives consumers an educational and cultured experience like no other. 

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Fly Fred Cards is built on the back 95 years worth of combined sports & trading cards experience.  We collectively have bought and sold millions of dollars worth of sports memorabilia and collectibles on eBay and online. We offer a large variety of unopened sports and trading cards, autographed memorabilia, sports novelty items, and other fan merchandise in our online and brick and mortar stores.

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The Fly Fred Online Community on Discord is a group of sneaker heads, memorabilia collectors and entrepreneurs who come together to communicate and collaborate with each other in business. With staff and members from all over the world, users are able to have access to the latest information assisting them in their resell journey.

Learn to bot for sneakers, get sports cards investment advice, or just meet other like-minded entrepreneurs looking to make their way in the culture-driven asset space.

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The Fred Fund provides professional private equity investment vehicles in the growing culture-driven asset market. Investors who want to unlock returns on capital that is not traditionally available in the normal markets can get exposure to the dynamic and growing space that includes limited sneakers, sports cards, comic and art.

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Fly Fred Penny Auctions is the best way to secure sneakers and sports memorabilia below market price. Purchase bid credits to bid small and win big. With hundreds of new items added to the bid marketplace each day, there is never any shortage of opportunity to win items up to 90% off market price.

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Goat Shares is a new marketplace and investment vehicle that allows anyone to own fractional shares of valuable and limited offerings in the culture-driven collectibles markets.

Now all fans, of all income brackets, can experience the thrill and pride that comes with building a portfolio of history's most rare and collectible culture-driven assets.

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